Marcus Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery

lead game designer

Rise To Honor


One of my most enjoyable development experience and probably the most grueling.  I collaborated with the other designers to create the pacing and layout of the signature restaurant level.  I did initial gun alley combat scene for the restaurant level.  We hadn’t quite figued out how the enemies would behave in melee combat.  We knew how we wanted the player to move and attack, but the enemies weren’t quite there yet.  I came up with what would be the final AI behavior for the enemies.  They would attack one or two at a time from various directions forcing the player to utilize all 6 attack direction of the player abilities.  With the help of an engineer we made the AI coordination of the system more robust.  I then applied similar logic to some arena like gun sections, we referred to internally as “Jet-o-tron” level.  They were more like Robo-tron level then our other gun levels.  This was an attempt to showcase the independent arm targeting of the gun system.  This game holds a special place in my heart as well as the team who worked on it.


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