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Leading design when you are not the lead designer.

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Game Design Conference in San Francisco last week.  It was my first talk I’ve given as a professional designer.  I’ve been asked for copies of my slides.  I’m providing the slides and the notes here.  I hope those you choose to review them find them helpful. How to lead design when you’re… Read more →

A boy’s escape…

Since its announcement in spring of 2011, I’ve been excited to experience Papo & Yo.  Just from the initial teaser trailer it seemed like something whimsical and unique.  It wasn’t until closer to its release that I became aware of the dark life experience that fueled its inception.  The trauma of Vander Caballero, the project’s creative director, seemed inspire a… Read more →

Finding your Way

Just finished playing Way with a friend . It was unnerving with a test of patience. It took all I could muster to not call partner and talk about solutions directly. Just when I though the game was too hard, my buddy was able to help me out. I first saw the game at the IGF and didn’t get a… Read more →

Farmer in the dell…

This is a pretty old project, but I just discovered it while looking up a related topic. There’s something to be said about the creation of a unique apparatus just to play a game. It’s like the old arcade days where you build a cabinet to provide players with a tactile experience in addition to the visual. This is pretty… Read more →