Marcus Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery

lead game designer

Experimental Gameplay Project – Offspring

Here is my entry for the August 2011 Experimental Gameplay Project who subject was Offspring.   I have called this entry Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest – Wave 4

In this game, the player must shoot square parent objects.  When a parent is destroyed, it spawns for children.  Those children then seek out other parents.  If they reach the parent, they add their attributes to the parent, making it stronger and more dangerous.

There are three types of parents and children, which bear strengths in different attributes:

  • Blue – Increased strength.  Can with stand more shots from the player.
  • Green – Increased speed.  Faster than the other types.
  • Red – Attack ability.  Fires shots at the player.

The concept is based on an idea another designer shared with me.  I put my own twist on it.  All in all full development took about 28 hours of actual work put in over a week’s time.


Download Survival of the Fittest

[download id=”146″ format=”1″]



Move – WASD
Left Mouse Button – Fire

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  1. Biggedy

    Awesome! This turned out pretty awesome from the build you sent me. Not sure if it was already in the one you gave me, but the borders for the initial color of the square’s properties are a nice visual for conveying that information. The pace is built up pretty nice, and those darn red squares are killer! Good stuff man.

    Oh I did find a bug when I got hit and surrounded by the squares on the screen edge. I still hat 2 hits left, but my ship got stuck when all the squared jammed up on me and I couldn’t move… so I just kept getting hit til I died.

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